Our Prices

Higher education is a special time in our lives. This is the beginning of a journey where we find a true sense of self before being cast into the fires of the real world. Through our experiences, both in and out of the classroom, invaluable experiences will be gained which will be tapped into at various points later in life.

College is much more than classroom lectures and material covered at your desk in your dorm room. Networking is crucial for developing connections critical for future endeavors. Sometimes a balance is needed between work and play so that social events may be worked into a busy schedule.

Time is Money

No amount of money in the world can make up for lost time. But a small amount of money can make joining an appealing event possible. We are a source that converts your dollars and cents into a well written document so that you may participate in social engagements without worrying about deadlines.

We employ only the most articulate individuals to create papers for a papers ranging from a simple essay to a full thesis. Our rates are low enough to fit the budget of the cliché “broke college student.” Take a break and have some fun - let us do the writing for you!