Comparison Essay Topics

A comparison essay may seem like the easiest paper to write at first, but there is a catch. It is up to you to debate why the comparisons and differences matter. The following guide and topic ideas will guide you through the process of writing a good comparison essay.

When writing your comparison essay, there is a number of steps you will need to go through before you start writing out your essay. You will need to brainstorm a list of things that are very similar about your two topics of choice, and another list with the characteristics that are different between the two topics.

After you have compiled your list, you will then put together a simple statement that states the assessment of your comparison essay. This will be your first topic sentence. Your list will provide the topics and structure of your comparison essay paragraphs. When it comes to the structure of your comparison essay take your time to lay out a good paper. This will keep your reader's attention, and keep them reading.

Comparison Essay Examples

  • Winter to summer
  • Flowers to weeds
  • Two different neighborhoods in your area
  • Two different fast-food restaurants
  • Different video games in the same genre. Maybe Battlefield 3 vs the new Call of Duty.
  • Living on your own or with your parents.
  • The best vacation spots.
  • Two late night talk show host.
  • Different Mp3 players.
  • Two professional athletes.
  • Best ways of losing weight.
  • Types of exercise.
  • Types of way for studying.

Comparison Essay Conclusion

Hopefully some of the ideas mentioned will get you going in the right direction. Remember you can write about the differences between any two things as long as they are related to each other. So think about something that intrigues you and write about it. There are many more tips on writing your comparison essay here. Look around and enjoy your stay.