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We have already proved in the recent posts that writing admission essays is not similar to writing ordinary academic papers. Ideally, you write an admission essay only once in your life – when you strive to get into some education institution. This is why sample college admission essays are so important. You cannot practice a lot and just get yourself coached for this task. So, there is no better way to learn writing a good admission essay than to find and analyze college admission essay samples.

Writing a university admission essay is a tedious task. We can tell you one little secret: true masters of word who wrote several books in the course of their life as well as professional journalists who got accustomed to manipulating the readers’ attention — all of them are the same helpless as you are when it comes to university admission essays.

People are usually judged by their appearance. Honestly speaking, a few people care to look further and examine one’s soul, wit or intelligence. If we speak about academic writing, of much greater importance is that admission essays are usually judged the same way. Skip admission essay editing once and you will see that the punishment is really severe.

Along with many peculiarities of the writing process that are common for every type of papers, a graduate school admission essay has one very distinctive, if not unique, feature. What, another rule to stick to, you may ask? No. This is not a rule. The point is that every essay can be written… well, not perfectly. Especially if you do not opt for being the first. But graduate school admission essays… that is quite another story!

How to write a college admission essay? It is a good question. You know that this paper can change everything in your life. Thus, in this article we want to focus on practical pieces of advice rather than on theory. If you need more details, check other articles on this blog.

A college admission essay is one of the most important papers in our life. Many of us dream about higher education, but not all have an opportunity or skills to compete for such a privilege. That is why you should learn how to use all your strengths to write a good college admission essay and increase your chance of getting university-level education.

No matter how much college admission essay help you get, it always seems like you lack it. We are sure your teacher has provided you with some college admission essay help and useful recommendations. Bet you have been surfing the Web to find more hints and free college admission essay help.

An admission process is always competitive. No wonder the committee requires applicants to write a pharmacy admission essay. This paper is a way of communicating with you, while you are not physically there. And a lot depends on how successfully you write your pharmacy admission essay.

Why are you looking for good college admission essay prompts? We are sure you know some basic rules of writing admission essays like:

  • Write about yourself;
  • Be honest;
  • Use some creative approaches to single out, etс.

You have definitely seen tons of college admission essay prompts like that. However, something tells you these college admission essay prompts are not effective enough. All they can do is help you write an ordinary essay similar to hundreds of other.

You are dreaming about career in business and want to get into the best business school. Well, it is a really complicated mission!

  • Do you think you can write something the same impressive?
  • What do you find the most exciting about the samples read?
  • Have you noticed some flaws?

Now, let us give you more hints on how to write a winning essay for MBA admission.

  • Make sure your MBA admission essay has one unifying theme, which is clearly stated in a thesis statement.
  • Organize your thoughts and make sure they follow a certain order.
  • Include several examples into your MBA admission essay that demonstrate your skills and experiences.
  • Avoid information that does not relate to the main theme of your essay.
  • Do not overuse humor, although a couple of jokes will be good.

Are you the best in everything you do?

Admission essay editing is so boring… You have worked on this piece for hours or even days and now you have no desire whatsoever to come back to it. You just want to submit it, without doing much and bothering about admission essay editing, and finally relax.

  • Get down to admission essay editing the next day after you finish writing the final draft of your paper. This way you will have some time to rest before you actually start revising it. Thus, you will be more attentive, identifying more mistakes. So, the golden rule of admission essay editing that you should never forget about is “Get back to admission essay editing only after you rest well!”
  • Ask your friend to help you with admission essay editing. Believe it or not, but you will have fun reading your piece: if it is good, your friends will be impressed, if the piece is not so good, at least you will know what you are submitting and what results to expect. Unfortunately, we are not very objective when it comes to our self-evaluation, so getting some outside feedback from your friend, classmate or a teacher is always useful.

Hopefully, you will use at least one of these techniques and never skip this essential writing stage - admission essay editing.

The majority of articles found online talk about the advantages of buying an admission essay. This article will be slightly different, because we want to warn you against some of the dangers and disadvantages of buying an admission essay.

  • You save your time.
  • You save your nerves, since you will not have to spend hours searching for the right word.
  • You get a high quality paper that you might not be able to come up with on your own.

Now, let us turn to the dark side of buying admission essays. Here are the reasons why you should not buy admission essays:

  • To buy an admission essay does not always mean to pay and forget about all problems. Sometimes, the work received does not meet your and, what is more important, the admission committee requirements. What will you do if this happens to you?
  • To buy an admission essay means to trust those people who are going to write it for you. However, do they know you, your strengths and advantages over other candidates better than you do? Probably they do not.
  • When you buy admission essays, sometimes you get a standard piece of writing that seems to be too impersonal and unnatural to help you pass the admission process. This comes back to the issue that writers have no idea who you are.

So, we raised some issues to think about. Sometimes, the easy way out is not the right one, and you will spend much more nerves and efforts than you expect. Is it not better to sit and write your own admission essay?

Today, we can see an interesting tendency: some fields (like management, marketing, or finance) become so popular, that almost every second student is dreaming about enrolling into some famous business school. However, what we do not realize is that too many specialists in the same field create an extremely tough competition in the labor market. So, you should better be more creative about your career choice, or you should be ready to become the best of the best in this field to be able to compete for a job in the future.

Besides, there is a shortage of nursing personnel today in the labor market, so you will not have problems finding a well-paid job. Think about it!

When you start writing your nursing admission essay, do not forget about some important points to consider:

  • Your nursing admission essay should be of convincing nature, i.e. you have to persuade the admission committee that you are a caring and dedicated person.
  • In your nursing admission essay, give an impression of a responsible person, who wants to dedicate his/her life to helping others.
  • Finally, in your nursing admission essay, show that you are an optimistic and energetic person, who is ready to inspire others to live.

So, maybe it is time to reevaluate your future career choice and become a nurse?!

You are probably a good student with a rather high GPA score and you are dreaming to enter some famous law school. Well, unfortunately, most of the applicants you will compete with also possess very high scores on their exams. So, the competition is going to be tough.

  • You need to find a few sample law school admission essays. Try to surf through the websites that offer free sample law school admission essays and choose several of the best ones. After analyzing some written law school essay, you will know what to write about.
  • You should think of some creative, but appropriate methods of impressing the Admission committee. This can be a quote of your favorite writer or politician; this can be some of your accomplishments.
  • The law school admission essay should present your outstanding writing skills, even some analytical abilities. So, there is no place for any kind of grammar violations, mistakes in your law admission essay.

Are you planning to become a university student, enrolling in one of the best educational institutions? Then you should realize that writing a strong admission essay is your key to success.